Director Of Photography (IATSE LOCAL 600):

$2500 day rate w/gear: Sony Venice Camera Package and ARRI Master Primes)

$2000 day rate W/ Sony F65 and Cooke Speed Panchros 

$1000 Day Rate sans equipment (Rate is Negotiable for Long term episodic and Narrative Feature Films) 

-Must Have Production Insurance if my equipment is used on the production-

$1000 booking deposit (This deposit is only refundable if cancellation of the shoot is made prior to my commencing with any form of work/consultation for the production, which includes though is not limited to; any form of pre-production related tasks.)

Pre-production rates must be paid upfront for the days scheduled. If additional days are added, those days must be paid before further work commences.

Standard day labor Rates apply to Pre-Production days which include; though are not limited to: Rehearsals, Pre-lighting, on location consultation, Blocking, Scouting, and Test shoots. 

Travel expenses must either be covered and or reimbursed.

Equipment rental rates must be paid upon the booking of equipment. Equipment rentals will have a rental agreement/contract separate from any labor contract.

Day labor rates must be paid every week and all of the contracted rate must be paid out in it’s entirety by the final day of principle photography.

Upon retaining my services you agree to the terms set fourth in the aforementioned article, which are contractually enforced.

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